while i was in bangalore, my utang pala akong tag from miss toni. and, unfortunately, it’s a geeky book that’s nearest me right now since i’m at work and need to read up on things. so di ito interesting… 😦

instructions are as follows:

1. Pick up the nearest book of at least 123 pages.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

mukhang hirap ako sa five people na naman. di ako social person talaga… ewan ko ba… ang konti ng friends ko kahit sa internet… will attempt though. πŸ™‚

rees - physical principles of remote sensing cover ayan… 😦 Physical Principles of Remote Sensing by W.G. Rees. this was my textbook in my first year in the MSc degree. quite helpful since i’m getting interested with Interferometric RADAR imaging for work. the basic principle is that it detects deformation of the earth by taking two ‘pictures’ via RADAR and calculating the difference (much like looking at your wedding picture and 2 years after. you really see a lot of ‘deformation’ going on).

Equations (5.8) and (5.9) show that an aerial photograph also contains some information about the heights of the objects. For example, suppose that a vertical object such as a tower has its base at coordinate (x,0,0) and its top at (x,0,h). Equation (5.8) then shows that the base will be imaged at (-fx/H,0) and the top at (-fx/[Hh]), so that the two are separated by a height-dependent amount.”

hmmm… makes sense. πŸ˜›

for this, i’m tagging jojie, dhez, kris, banana, and chico. ahaha…

and speaking of kris, i realize that i have a waaaaaaaay overdue tag from him. i was messed up so i couldn’t answer the tag… ngayon, bayad-utang muna ako. besides, i’m asking him a favor to answer my tag. πŸ˜› ahaha… wala ng pagpapanggap!

simple lang. 10 random things about you…

how do you define ‘random’ ba? anyway, things that pop into my head na lang siguro.

1.) i like animals. sa bahay, meron kaming 3 aso, about 3 dozen pigeons, 2 dozen chickens, a pair of budgies (a.k.a. lovebirds) and balak ko pa sana mag-alaga ng pabo (turkey) pero nung bumaha samen, nalunod siya.

2.) if i had superpowers, i’d love to have magneto’s.

3.) takot ako mag-blog. more of takot ako mag-blog ng personal life ko. pero therapy ko sana dapat ang pagba-blog para mailabas yung nararamdaman ko — so my fears/frustrations/hate won’t eat me up inside.

4.) i’m a gemini. june ang birthday ko and i believe that i carry the ‘duality’ of the gemini. i like hiding behind a mask din… happy outside, hurting inside.

5.) i like classical music. di ako connoisseur sa ganitong klase ng music pero i just like listening to it. di ko alam i-differentiate ang ages (or is it genres?) (romantic, classical, baroque) ng ganito pero i like music played by an orchestra.

6.) i play the violin. novice lang. only reached Vol. 4 of the Suzuki method. i play for the Church during holy week.

7.) i eat a lot of street food. kwek-kwek/tokneneng, isaw, isaw baboy, nguso, betamax, calamares, japanese cake, buko juice, fish balls, squid balls, atay, balun-balunan, etc. but i don’t eat helmet and adidas.

8.) i wanted to collect Batman action figures when i was a kid. noong uso pa ang magpunta sa PX club, Oriental, Parkson’s, at lahat ng duty free shops sa Clark Air base at magaganda pa talaga ang ino-offer na products dun, i’d stay at the toys section and imagine myself owning the whole row of Batman action figures. until now, i only have 1 Batman action figure.

9.) when i was in prep, i said during graduation, “when i grow up, i want to be a scientist”… looks like little kids’ dreams do come true sometimes.

10.) i wanna marry on or before 2010. πŸ™‚

2 na mga thought (isipan) sa “overdue”

  1. wow gandang tag a. sana wholesome book na madampot ko. :p echos lang. ge gawin ko to teodoro pag nabawasan ang toxicness. πŸ™‚ pasalubong ko?!?!

    dali! puntahan moko sa opis. πŸ™‚ naghihintay sayo tong bumbay na nasa maleta ko.

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