tuloy ba?

that is the question. tuloy nga ba ako sa paglipad o hindi? nakakainis. i can’t get any peace of mind, i can’t get any ‘idle’ time since i find myself dreaming of disaster and disappointment each time na ‘idle’ ang utak ko.

sleeplesslagi ko na nga’ng sinasabi na ‘photo-finish’ itong pag-alis ko. it’ll be my first time to fly. it’ll be my first time out of the country. alone. no tourist guides, no relatives, no officemate, no elder person to ask, no person that i already trust is going with me. tapos yung nightmare of not knowing what to do. i’m positively clueless what to do inside an airport. what if i get lost? what if i miss my plane? what if i lose my passport? what if my baggage gets lost? where do i get what? how much is “mahal” and “mura” in an airport? is everything really overpriced? (i’m assuming it is) haaaay… it’s enough to keep me unfocused on my exam tomorrow.

and then naiisip ko nga na ‘tuloy nga ba? kung hindi, edi nagsayang lang ako ng ilang araw at oras ng pag-aalala sa wala? ikaka-bagsak ko pa ito ng stat ko.’



5 na mga thought (isipan) sa “tuloy ba?”

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