crush chronicle

gigglefunny how the universe conspires and leads you to a 50-second moment that would just make your day… 🙂

kasi ganito yun. came to work early yesterday. 7:30 pa lang nandito na ako. the night before, mga past-10 na ako natulog. i was feeling fine, really. until the afternoon came.
doing excel sheets as wide as a Humvee and as long as my Christmas wishlist and analyzing can give you instant headaches when you view the darn thing in full screen. eh pano pa kung maghapon mong pino-problema pano aayusin yun diba? hay…

by 5pm, mama liz and i both had terrible headaches. we thought we could walk it out sa campus. tigil muna ang kaka-titig sa monitor. we walked, viewed some installation art sa may Dela Costa (next time magdadala na ako ng digicam ng opis! :D) and were entertained for a while. pero di pa din kinaya ng paglilibot ang sakit ng ulo namen. mama decided to go home for a kip, i decided to stay til 7:30 na din even if i had this headache.

walking towards katipunan, i had a choice between going to the ‘annex terminal’ riding the jeeps at the overpass na mas malapit pero matagal mapuno or i could go to the real terminal under the flyover near aurora boulevard and probably get home faster. i opted to go for the long wait kahit na gutom nako at masakit ang ulo. bukod pa sa mahabang hintayan ng mga pasahero ni manong driver, nagpa-gas pa siya sa petron. 5 mins din ata kami dun dahil marami nakapila. pagdating sa may bababaan ko, sa may gate lang ng campus at dun sa purple vegetarian place, dire-diretso si manong hanggang sa taas sa may romulo hall. too tired and hungry to complain or ma-bad trip tungkol dun, bumaba na lang ako dragging my feet with me.

then may nakasalubong ako’ng girl in a black tanktop and jeans with a CD walkman staring at me. di ko siya kilala pero she was looking at me curiously. she suddenly blurted out, “randell!?!?” that jolted me. as for me, brain cells just started popping up information and fitted stuff from memory into this 5-foot mestiza with short black hair, a cute rasp in her voice (much like marge simpson’s but a lot more feminine) and sungki. it was erika!!!

erika gomez was was my pre-school crush. oo, prep pa lang malandi na ako. 😛 Kinder II – Blue kami nun sa SSA. basta, cute siya with a bob, maputi, maganda, and yun nga, cute yung boses. 🙂 naaliw lang ako dahil siya pa ang unang naka-recognize sa akin. she told me that she was going to her barkada’s house in the area and she lived in cainta now. i didn’t get to chat with her long, just “hi”, “kumusta ka na”, “san ka pupunta” and others i can’t seem to recall anymore. but i had this smile as i went off and she went inside her friends’ house. that was a person i last saw, what, 14 or 16 years ago and last talked to 18 years ago!

really funny. kahit ngayon naiisip ko, natatawa pa din ako. parang kelan lang eh nakita ko si Puch dito sa office, totally unexpected!

when stuff like that happens, it makes you feel young and old. i finally get why people such as my dad when going to school reunions have this dorky smile and spring in his step like he was 20 again. and yet, you see how the familiar faces change, how they mature, and realize this isn’t the 90s anymore.

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