Cowards Blessing Corruption in the Philippines

“Katoliko ka pa naman!” i’m sure others would say to me now.

CBCP logonaiinis ako sa balita today. CBCP ‘recommends’ the repeal of EO 464 which prevents any member of the cabinet to testify without the president’s permission but does not call for PGMA’s resignation. would it be blasphemous to call the highest council of the Catholic Church in the Philippines ‘coward’? cardinal Sin had balls. these bishops clearly don’t. which reminded me of a news article previously which mentioned that the Vatican gave orders before EDSA II for the Church to not get involved in any way with the political crisis. cardinal Sin made a decision — stand up for truth, screw the Vatican, and get things done.

i’m risking excommunication by mentioning these things but i do believe that things couldn’t be more obvious already. the truth is here, now!

on the other hand, the sensible side of the Catholic Church is at play. the Church does not meddle with politics. which, i am certain, will be praised by the Vatican and some people who are touchy on the issue of ‘separation of Church and state.’ they gave a wise recommendation to repeal EO464 so that the truth can be obtained as quickly as legally possible from the people who know the innards of the controversies and corruption.

malacañang’s answer to the recommendations? “we will look into it seriously” — i’m sure there’s a fine print that says “in 2010” after that statement.

my question to the CBCP is how long should they wait for the government to answer their recommendations? what if the answer doesn’t come sooner? how much more money will go into their pockets — money that could have been meant for the poor and uneducated, those deprived of homes, and those who genuinely need financial aid?

i feel betrayed. i feel that they have given PGMA their blessing and another chance to rob the country once again.


4 na mga thought (isipan) sa “Cowards Blessing Corruption in the Philippines”

  1. …which is why I’m boycotting Sunday Mass and other activities that require church attendance just to express my displeasure over their acquiesence to the corruption of this regime.

    You can rest your conscience, wit’s…your targets are but human after all. No sin (pardon the lame-arse pun) in calling them
    “cowards” … God is up there, and when he comes down to strike, he strikes hard.

  2. I think the CBCP would actually like to call for GMA’s resignation. the problem is, they don’t feel that the clamor from the people for GMA’s resignation is strong enough.

    They don’t want to sound foolish and stupid. Just imagine, the CBCP, a very reputable and formidable force in Philippine politics–which popular folklore hails as the figurative shepherd of the masses during EDSA I and II–calling for the resignation of a president for the third time but terribly fails to ignite reaction from the people. what would happen to the CBCP?

    when cory and company called for GMA’s resignation during the Hello garci scandal, they all looked stupid in the end when GMA was able to survive and remained in Malacanang. The people simply did not come in numbers to heed Cory’s call. the mystique of her mass appeal and moral authority over the Filipinos was shattered. Cory never looked the same again.

    I think that is what the CBCP is trying to avoid. The mystique of their moral authority over the Filipinos must be preserved at the cost of breaking consistent unity with the opposition forces. they cannot let a “too early, too soon” call for resignation to expose the myth of their political influence.

    but of course, if the opposition forces work doubletime and succeed in creating the right atmosphere for GMA’s ouster, expect the CBCP to jump on the bandwagon and proclaim to the high heavens that the president should resign.

  3. yup, their (the bishops) asking GMA to head the anti-corruption drive inside her own government is akin to asking the godfather to implement moral standards among the mafiosi… the logic plainly escapes me 😦

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