what next?

2002 – Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard

2003 – PIATCO & NAIA Terminal 3

August 2003 – Who is “Jose Pidal”?

2004 – Fertilizer Funds (remember Jokjok Bolante?)

Executive Order No. 464 (which bars officials from attending congressional inquiries without the President’s consent)”

Proclamation No. 1017

CPR = “calibrated preemptive response”

April 2004 – PhilHealth Cards (note that this was just before the May elections)

June 2005 – “Hello Garci?”

latest: ZTE NBN

there’s more, actually, if you search the net.

why are we still in a ‘wait and see’ attitude? will we wait for the next moro-moro being set-up by the administration (a.k.a. DOJ and Ombudsman investigations on the NBN issue).

i hate it when lots of people ride the bandwagon. minsan kasi nawawalan na ng weight ang issue dahil too many people speak their minds and too many ideas are out that sometimes, things become incoherent and internal issues come out and the main issue is forgotten. minsan nagkaka-disagree lang kung dawit nga ba si Abalos or not, nagiging magka-away na. but the real issue is the corruption of the most ‘evil’ public servant (makes me wanna puke saying it with her in mind) at the center of it all.

let’s get things straight. the president is accountable. not just for the latest scam but for each of the unresolved ones — those that the public have forgotten because of (1) Christmas, (2) bombings, (3) terrorism scares, and (4) the next scam coming out.

it makes me think that the Call Center “industry” is a government plan to minimize the opposition of the youth. see here:

1. You sleep in the morning, you wake up at night to work. “What’s the news today? Who cares! I need sleep.”

2. Foreign owners control your movement. It’s illegal to get sick, to be late, to be absent for work, and to protest. You protest, you’re fired. “Why will I risk being jobless?”

3. The compensation is really attractive so why sacrifice financial stability for principles? “Why is GMA still there? Who cares! I’m earning enough to get a latte a day at Starbucks! I’m sooooo sosyal!”

*deep sigh* saan ka papunta?


2 na mga thought (isipan) sa “what next?”

  1. How what does coconuts have anything to do with this post, unless someone is thinking of bonking you with coconuts?

    I really like that call center theory of yours. May be untrue, but it still made me think.

    re: coconuts
    ahaha… i hope not! 🙂 i should’ve put my email somewhere way back so people won’t comment anymore just to inform me. ahehe…

    re: call center
    it’s a conspiracy i tell you…

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