protest? activism? the truth.

you know what would make me feel really REALLY good? have GMA pied.

it just popped into my head this morning. wouldn’t it be grand to have someone put a pie in GMA’s face? i feel it with so much passion and if i were the one who would do it, i would definitely savor the moment. i don’t think i will ever regret smacking a big cream pie on her face. just saying it makes me feel oh so powerful and even more hungry for that chance.

and yet i’m hesitant because i do not want her to be on that pedestal where this act would gain her fame and ‘prestige’. only those who have authority have the ‘honor’ of being pied. thus by pieing her in the face, i recognize her authority. and yet the humiliation… the power of protest… it is somehow so hard to resist!

but would it be right?

for the economy that she keeps on boasting to be ‘booming’ but could not be felt by the people
for the farmers who are landless and toil all day for a small profit, not even enough for their families
for the workers who are overworked and underpaid
for the brain-drained Filipinos who have given up hope, but I wish for them to keep even a morsel in their hearts
for the teachers who are still full of hope of being able to educate the people despite all odds
for the religious who pray for peace and yet find a warmonger and fascist for a nation’s leader
for the poor whom the government blame for dirtying the city streets but are actually those who need the most attention and care
for the youth whom they have corrupted, disillusioned and misled — who could have done more… much greater things, more noble deeds, not only for their own families but for the whole country

it could never be wrong.


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