a little spanking

i know it seems so corny that i should touch on showbiz issues just to blog. hay naku. pero naiirita talaga ako.

camille pratsjennelyn mercado

don’t you just hate it when some so-called starlette (rhymes with toilet really well don’t you think? you practically get the same thing in them.) gets pregnant and then the ‘biggest’ and ‘most credible’ showbiz talk shows and talk show hosts get this starlette’s brother, mother, yaya, pet hamster, etc. on the show so that they could talk about it. and the most irritating part is when this guest says, “of course we were shocked when he broke the news to us. but we are so happy for them because this child is a blessing to them. siyempre we understand and we will support them 100%”
is it wrong to be supportive of your children? no. but it makes it not OK when they make mistakes. sometimes BIG ones.

it’s horrifying to have these people talk about their ‘support’ and ‘love’ for their younger sister and tell them how ‘blessed’ they are because they’re going to have a baby soon. yeah, out of wedlock. i’m just too afraid to think about the message this gives to the young people. to me, this says, “it’s OK to get pregnant. your family SHOULD support you and it should be fine with them. otherwise they don’t love you, they don’t care about you, and they’re too narrow minded.”

it’s not only these individuals’ fault. i won’t just blame their parents. i won’t blame teachers. i’d still blame it on these idols that they have — these new stars on TV which i’m getting pretty sick of. it’s them in TV shows, it’s them on movies, and then they’ve even launched awful, awful albums in the market so it’s still them in the record stores!
teenage-pregnancies-fall-in-enfield-1.jpgwhen this idol’s relatives come out with interviews and statements of support for their daughter/sister/alaga/amo/etc. it’s like a general seal of approval. it really ticks me off! i just wish they’d say, “oo, pinagalitan namin yan. bata pa siya para mabuntis” or “pinagsabihan namin yan. sana alam niya gaano kalaking bagay ang ginawa nila.” i wish they’d rebuke (not condemn) their children’s wrongdoings and show the country that this is not tolerated but it is dealt with properly. by ‘properly’ i mean that we still support and love them but without forgetting that they should be learning a lesson. the only lesson, i think, they learn from this is: use protection, don’t forget your cycle, and don’t get caught. the only thing i see on TV is the support, not the teaching or realization of the lesson learned.

girl4.jpgi know and understand the meaning of support for someone who made a mistake. it’s bad to turn your back on someone who needs your support, who needs you to show your love and care. but this ‘it’s OK’ thing? not good.


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