aldo ning kapampangan

in celebration of the 436th foundation of Pampanga, a little tribute to Kapampangans. Be Proud! You’re Kapampangan!

The song is performed by ArtiSta.Rita and Mon David, an award-winning jazz artist, whose roots are found in our hometown. actually, he is our neighbor of some sorts. 🙂 of course, he doesn’t live in our barangay anymore but his parents are still there.

 dakal ku naman buring sabyan. dakal ku buring iparatang kareng mamasa (nung atin man). ngeni na ing panaun para isulung tayang pasibayu ing kapampangan. ali ta’ ‘ya paburen mawala namu kabud ing akaragulan tamu. uling aku, dakal naku e balung kapampangan. sasabyan tamu malalam na lang masyadu para kekatamu. dapot nung gamitan tala aldo-aldo, makapanalbe at mamasang kapampangan, dakal tamu abalu.

ing kaburian na ning pusu ku a mibabaya para keng makanining bage, ita sanang maging ‘popular’ ya kareng kayanakan. ini sana ing buri ku abalu at aturu tamu. e me kakalingwan ing kekang penibatan. pagmaragul mu ing panga-kapampangan mu!

Kapampangan ka, pagmaragul mu! I can’t stress this enough… be proud of your heritage,  your roots. YOU ARE KAPAMPANGAN!

One thought on “aldo ning kapampangan”

  1. hi, hope you could help me. i am not a kapampangan. and i just want to know what is the meaning of this sentence?

    “malapit na mu ne”

    thanks you so much in advance.

    depending on the context, it would either mean “soon” or “almost there”. 🙂 ‘malapit’ is an adjective for proximity. it isn’t clear though from the sentence you gave it it’s with respect to distance or time. HTH! and thanks for visiting!

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