Rice-ing up to the challenge of Lasang Pinoy 22

LP 22 rice 2 the challengei guess i’ve become addicted to participating with this food blogging event. even if my blog isn’t strictly a food blog, i enjoy sharing this event. blog-hopping with others who are food addicts. however, this time, i won’t be writing a recipe. actually, the instructions say you must post a recipe for this round, which i am not going to do because this is a ‘challenge’ meaning (i assume) you really have to cook up this recipe yourself. hmmm… quite difficult for my documentation.

the ‘theme’ for this round is quite broad (in the philippine perspective) because we have so many things that are made from ‘rice’.

why rice in quotations? simply because ‘rice’ in american english is ‘kanin’ or cooked rice. how about bigas? is that rice? and then there’s tutong. that isn’t rice ‘rice’. the thing is that the english language adds adjectives to describe the state of rice while us filipinos have unique words for rice, and its derivatives. so to make this LP a little fun, i’m putting in trivia-slash-challenge about rice. you may post your answers translating the pinoy rice into english. have other ideas for this ‘game’? feel free to inform me and i’ll add it! 🙂

Pinoy | English

Suman (i know there are a lot of kinds of suman)
Duman (i think this is particularly for kapampangans)
Arroz Caldo
Paella (i think these are already acceptable as ‘english’, right?)
Malagkit (c/o iska)

ummm… do the ‘bilo-bilo’ in ‘ginataang bilo-bilo’ (or sampelut in kapampangan) come from rice? i’m just not so sure.


LP22 is hosted by Cooked From the Heart

diesel kiki

if i took this literally, iisipin kong ganoon na talaga ka hi-tech ang mga hapon (at ganun ka-L) dahil ultimo kiki ay de-motor na, diesel pa! susmaryosep!!! *krus*

buti na lang at na-google ko pa to. although di ko nakuhanan ng actual pic ang karatulang to along the highway, may mga sites naman na nagme-mention ng diesel kiki na ‘to. marami pa ngang pictures eh! *giggle* kayo na lang mag-Google para malaman niyo kung ano talaga ang diesel kiki.

diesel kiki