the batmobile part 2

to continue my going ga-ga over cars and batman, here’s my second post on the batmobile. browsing through the web, it seems that there are a bunch of batmobiles that came about in the history of batman, whether in comics, animated series or in movies. so just to be clear, i’m going to show batmobiles that have been actually driven by people — working batmobiles. of course, the gadgets and gizmos may not.

the next batmobile made it to two films: Batman and Batman Returns (i think this was with Michael Keaton). anyway, this is one of the more gorgeous batmobiles ever. look at it!


isn’t that beautiful?! it’s already beautiful showing it off but it’s better if you show off INSIDE it, right? want to own one? gawd i’m so~ jealous of this guy:

konting historya muna: This was the first car (i think) after the longest time to be manufactured as a real cat that was to be driven by an actor. this made its debut in the 1989 Batman movie and made a reprise in Batman Returns both starring Michael Keaton.

The batmobile was designed by Anton Furst, the production designer for Gotham City in the movie. He built the car by joining two Impala chassis together. the car was powered by a Chevrolet V8 engine which made a huge gurgling noise but was music when revved. The body was fabricated, and the whole thing rides on a set of Mickey Thompson racing tires on custom wheels.


the bat-mask was gone entirely from this new design, which had been pretty prevalent in the comics. in its place, the retracted nose shows a large jet turbine intake with mandible-like front fenders on each side. cold air intakes for the afterburner were mounted ahead of the rear fenders. the rear of the car had a rounded, heavy look that was influenced by cars of the 1930s, set between a pair of relatively short sculpted fins. and good lighting and a little steam/smoke to set the mood and you get something intimidatingly inviting and astonishing!


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