the holiday merienda (a.k.a. the pasta experiment)

Bonifacio Day last friday so i went home in the morning. yey! vacation! and, syempre, food! i dunno but i was in the mood for cooking this weekend. i cooked tinola for lunch, which was pretty much acceptable. the soup was very much welcome on these colder days. and then in the afternoon for merienda, my mum asked me to cook the pasta from my cousin. she said there was pasta upstairs and then lots of tomato puree so before everything expires, cook up something.

with that, i was pretty happy to oblige. only thing is since this was an impromptu recipe, i just had to make-do with what was around the house. i didn’t have time to go to town to get mushroom soup or even a larger block of cheese. i was stuck with leftover ingredients. 😦

pastahamsalad.jpgthe only thing that wasn’t leftover was the pasta and tomato sauce. so i went at it, with a blind eye and a gun pointing at me. 😛 got some cheese hotdogs from the ref, some leftover tomato paste, half a can of tomato puree, some oregano and paprika and then onions, garlic and ground pepper, salt and sugar. really plain and simple. *deep sigh* and, well, i had the ‘head chef’ (a.k.a. my mum) supervising the cooking so i couldn’t do exactly what i wanted to do. (she told me to pour the pasta in with the sauce. as if it was to be baked! *deeeper sigh, nod* and then i just had to shake my head even more when she said, “matabang. lagyan mo ng asin.” and then horror of horrors! she started sprinkling salt on top of the pasta! *going crazy*

oh well… maybe next time, i’ll just cook another batch (probably when she’s sleeping). 🙂

fusilliP.S. i didn’t know that there are a bunch of different pasta names! and by Googling  the twisted pasta i used, i found out it does have a name: Fusilli

the difference? it has three fins comes in usually three colors: the plain, red, and green. 🙂


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