reasons for blogging

i received an unexpected meme. unexpected in the sense that i don’t know this person that well but one thing i know about him is that he isn’t fond of participating in these types things (read: snob). since i’m not one to object to a tag that seems to start neurons in other parts of my brain, i’ll be doing this one with a good reflecting-cum-thinking cap.

tag instructions are simple: write 5 reasons why you blog. it doesn’t explicitly say ‘explain’ but most of the bloggers who participated expounded generously, albeit sounding defensive at times. nevertheless, it still is “answering” the tag. i’ll simply follow suit.

1. i blog because i got addicted with sharing my ideas. i blogged when friendster started with their blog thingy. basically to express what i think are important to me and yet i wanted to share these ideas. then i joined forums to share my POVs. but then my opinions and posts (often) became so long (and irritating i reckon) that i started to sound preachy. that wasn’t good. i was eventually reared out of friendster and forums by a friend. and that (errr… she) got me started on this blog.

2. i blog because i enjoy the freedom and control. freedom to express myself and not be frowned upon (directly) and have control over what happens in my little world in cyberspace.

3. i blog because i want to help. not with this blog though. perhaps i help others kill time when they read my blog. i keep another blog about my computer problems and some solutions that i encounter. not that many hits and posts of course. but i do hope i have convinced or helped others in one way or another.

4. i blog because i read blogs. i may agree or not but you learn to respect people with what they write and they express themselves properly, continuously, without interruption like what you get with debates. you learn, whether you like it or not, when you read. you read another person’s opinion and you’re influenced by it. you read a funny post and you laugh and enjoy it and would probably want to share it. you meet a lot of people when you read blogs and learn about them through their blogs. you create networks and they learn about you too when they read your blog. it’s a nice experience.

5. i blog because i have friends who blog and made friends through blogs. if i were to stop blogging, i think that would just be the same as moving to another country. my blog is my little home on the net. friends know where i am through this blog. they know who ‘lives’ in the blog. and i don’t think i could afford to lose friends.

yeah, i know i don’t write well. i don’t have coherence. i usually don’t make sense at all (to others). i post nonsense most of the time. i just want to share, that’s all, really.


2 na mga thought (isipan) sa “reasons for blogging”

  1. You’re a perfectly decent writer, all right? Don’t give me this “I don’t write well” BS :P.

    And who are you calling snobbish huh? ๐Ÿ˜›

    hmmm… that must be one reason for my lack of popularity… LOL

  2. I agree with Kris! Hugely! Hehe.. Just keep in blogging bro!

    “i usually donโ€™t make sense at all (to others). i post nonsense most of the time”

    Duhhh! Pakialam nila kung non-sense sinusulat mo?! It’s your blog by the way. And hey, yung pinaka non-sense, pinakasimple minsan eh patok pa sa mga nagbabasa ng blog mo coz you are just being who you are. ๐Ÿ˜€

    PS. “i post nonsense most of the time” ; dont say that again ok? batukan kita jan eh. niyahaha! ok sorry po.

    PEACE kuya! ๐Ÿ˜†

    opu atiii… indi na pu… (kapampangan kasi. walang “H”)

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