the batmobile part 1

with my current obsession for car logos and anything mostly car-related, i’ve come to the conclusion that this is my way of letting out my frustration of not having a car to drive. at first i just dreamed of riding bikes since it’s more economical, healthy, and environment friendly.

and then two years ago i got my student driver permit. and eventually ended up having my non-professional driver’s license. and a whole lot has changed since then. specially when i was allowed to drive alone, by myself, going around the streets then go to the mall and come back home. aaaaahhhh… te freedom of driving!

now i dream of owning my own car. and sa ngayon, napupusuan ko na ang Hyundai Getz. i don’t know if it’s the best car. frankly, i don’t care… i just like it. i feel like i fell in love with it already — the way it looks and the image that it has formed in my mind. it would be my ideal car. it would be MY car.

but what would be my real dream car? i guess i answered that already in a previous post. now it’s going to be about my dream fantasy car. and no other car has ever caught my fancy as great as the Batmobile!

the batmobile has evolved throughout the decades. but i would like to consider first the ‘original’ or classic 1966 batman batmobile. through google, i’ve found this history about it… that it was originally a concept car — a car not meant for production. It was the Ford 1955 Lincoln Futura.

batmobile history

The Futura was designed by Bill Schmidt after his encounter with a shark during a scuba-diving trip to the oceans. He visibly influenced the car to look more of a marine animal rather than a flying mammal — with fins and its large, flat front grille and hooded headlamps.

too bad the conservative people of the 60s could not appreciate the beauty of this new concept car. it was too harsh, rash and really unpleasantly intimidating. and so, the poor thing was disowned and handed over to George Barris. whether he had foresight of the car or not, he gladly accepted it since he was soon commissioned to create the batmobile for ABC’s Batman series. “But because the show was about to go into production, he had only three weeks to build it. He quickly realized it didn’t take much work to modify the Futura for the part. While retaining the chassis and the basic shape of the car, Barris overhauled the nose and tail with numerous bat like shapes and references. Barris in ’66 would assemble 3 more Batmobiles using bodies based on the prototype mold and built on a production car chassis.”

dabatmobileand the legend was born. this is the most familiar batmobile to everyone i know. my mum and dad would definitely quickly identify it and be in much awe seeing it. imagine pulling out of your garage and, for everyone to see, you drive out with batman’s batmobile. just like these folks:



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