Boys vs. Girls

Sa panonood ng commercial ng Globe sa TV, they’re having this boys vs. girls trivia thing, showing their new ‘feature’ with Yahoo!.

First point sa boys, “Guys, did you know that boys have higher IQs than girls?” *cheering*

Tapos sagot ng girls, “Pero research says girls’ brains are bigger!” (tawanan na naman sila)

Pero it doesn’t make sense right? Specially if the topic is about ‘brains’. Ever realized what that translates to? Women have less useful brains! (sure, this is up for debate, but isn’t that what it means?)I mean a larger area is meant for, well, nothing! kumbaga, mas siksik ang utak ng guys. mas concentrated diba? ang sa babae, mas malaki nga pero mas hindi nagagamit.

wala lang. napansin ko lang…

pero nakikitawa pa din ang madaming tao and they think it’s actually funny.