swift Justice

malungkot na magtatapos ang linggo ko. dahil nalaman kong na wala na ang isang series na gustong gusto at inaabangan ko (sa aking suking DVD store sa tabi ng simbahan sa amin).

Justice TV series

ang dahilan, sabi dito, kakaunti lang ang nanonood ng series na ‘to. which is depressing, really. it’s the other side of CSI. diba it’s the evidence that matters? but sometimes, it’s how good your lawyers are that determines your fate in court. it’s more fast-paced than CSI kasi they still have to prove the evidence presented. and sometimes, presentation makes all the difference.

just a brief backgrounder on the episode: TNT&G is a big law firm which handles high-profile cases and celebrity clients in Las Vegas. We have the pretty, smart lawyer, the young, suave heartthrob, the team captain, and the former DA (District Attorney) and they pretty much make up a good pack of lawyers. In the first (hopefully not the last. sana may ibang network na kumuha nito) season, they win in their cases. syempre, it’s a showcase of how “good” they are. but at the end of every episode, pinapakita what actually happened in the crime scene. so the viewer gets to see if Justice was really served.

I absolutely love this series. sana lang may nakikinig jan someplace and they’d bring the series back.

sad, sad weekend…


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