men and their lies…

well, inasmuch as i wouldn’t know saan nanggaling ang mga ‘to, naaliw lang ako kaya heto… 🙂

couple in bed

Who hasn’t heard one of these whoppers?

Big fat lie #1
“This has never happened to me before.” Er, right.

Big fat lie #2
“Only you can get me hard.” Flattering but as the average man has an erection every 90 minutes, not likely.

Big fat lie #3
“I’d wear a condom but they’re all too tight.”
Not unless you’re sharing your bed with the Incredible Hulk.

Big fat lie #4
“Why would I ever mastur**** when I have you?” Hmmm

Big fat lie #5
“Of course we’ll just cuddle.” Search your memory how has that panned out in the past?

i just don’t know if agree ang mga lalaki (at babae) hehehe…


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