work vs. talent

because of boredom and utter obliviousness (is that a word?) to what i should be doing at work, i backtracked the videos i’ve been looking at on youTube. and then i saw Paul Potts’ video again on Britain’s Got Talent. moved and inspired, i just can’t help but share the feeling by putting it up here sa blog.

yeah, it made me teary eyed (again) dahil ewan ko, i’m a wuss. i’m overly emotional. lalo na ngayong i’m lost, confused, and helpless. pero kahit di ako ganun, napapa-iyak pa din niya ako. it’s his stupid look that gets you. it’s innocent, and he looks very kawawa diba? but i love what he did… standing up and following his dream “to sing opera.”

you’ll see his face, feel his sincerity and his childishness when he said those words to the judges which includes Simon Cowell of American Idol. ang galing ng performance niya. gave me goosepimples. he didn’t train to be better than others. he didn’t sing opera and pretend to be a phone salesman just for the effect. he was a phone salesman who wanted to sing opera. that was the ‘surprise’.

i also sometimes surprise people when i tell them i play the violin. they think ang galing-galing ko dahil engineer ako at nakakatugtog ako ng violin. it’s not skill or talent. it’s hard work when you practice and learn how to play it. sasabihin nila masyadong humble ka or may pa-humble effect ka pa dahil lang di mo sinasabing marunong kang tumugtog ng instrumento. pero the real thing is nahihiya ka dahil sa totoo lang eh amateur ka lang. there are hundreds of thousands who are better than you are kaya ka nahihiya. other people just don’t get that.

i don’t pretend i don’t know or i’m an amateur. it’s just because i am one.


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