according to Wikipedia (and, well, what i know from college)

momentum is the product of the mass and velocity of an object.

so, that would mean that if p is the momentum of an object, m and v are mass and velocity respectively, then

p=m x v

furthermore, momentum is also the related to Force is this manner: F = dp/dt. since p is mxv, where m does not change in an object, F= m x dv/dt where dv/dt is also known as a body’s acceleration. we thus obtain the classical definition of Force being the product of mass and acceleration, a

F = ma.

what is the implication of momentum?

in easier terms, it would mean how easily or difficult an object is to move (or more coorrectly, to STOP). a small, light object (say a bullet) moving at a large amount of speed would mean it would be very difficult to stop. however, a large body (say a bowling ball) moving at a relatively slower speed would also be difficult to stop.

ang hindi ko ma-gets, bakit nawawalan ng momentum ang tao pag nasa state siya ng prolonged rest (i.e. long weekend) eh samantalang humihilata lang siya sa bahay, gaining more mass through consumption of food? Inertia does not consider mass gain so i don’t think it’s inapplicable.

besides, wala pa akong narinig sa office na nagsabing, “nasobrahan yata ako ng inertia”

<geek boredom alert>


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