i’ve always wanted a european car

not that i own a car. i just want one.

as a big kid earning for himself, namimili-mili na rin ako ng mga bagay na gusto ko. siguro eh habang binata pa at walang responsibilidad eh i-eenjoy ko muna ang pag-gasta ng sarili kong pera.

i’ve been a sugar daddy for over a year and i guess now that i’m “retired” eh nagkaroon ng certain effect saken ang paghawak ng pera. di ako sanay na mahawakan ng buo ang aking suweldo. i mean i was used to eating SkyFlakes and coffee for lunch para lang makapagtabi para sa aking sinusustentuhan. and then nung tapos na ang lahat, medyo nalulula ako sa pera sa kamay ko. i have this compulsion to spend, spend, spend until i’m left with money to barely last me til next payday. at yun ang mahirap.

di ako ‘big spender’ at lalong di kami mayaman. di rin naman ako takot o galit sa pera kaya inaalis ko to sa ATM ko whenever i get the chance. it’s just that after almost 2 years of working, i have finally reaped the fruits of hour after hour staring blankly at monitors, managing excel files, racking my brain and squeezing it for every last juice of information.

nakakapaglaway na ako sa mga gadgets and gears for the boys. dati i was preoccupied with thinking how i could save up para may ibibigay akong pera when she needed it. at ngayon eh nare-realize ko na yes, i am a yuppy. the typical yuppy who wants to buy every new gadget that comes out, listen to his iPod and play games on his PC and buy new clothes every paydad and go out on weekends, spend on drinks, coffee and cab fares.

or drive home (sober) in my Aston Martin V8.

Aston Martin V8 Vantage

yeah, i’m still a boy in (fat) man’s body.


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